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Charity fundraiser for Cancer Council at Maroochydore.

Casino Fun Nights:

Fun casino’s can help to raise money for your registered charity or sports organisation. Below is some information to help you with your decisions on how to run your event. You will notice that we freely offer this information whilst other companies may ask you to call or email them for info. (then they pressure you and bombard you with emails)

We do not offer discounted fundraising functions from mid November till the end of the year due to existing corporate commitments.

Fundraising / Charity Events:

Wild Diamonds fun casino will charge you a set fee to provide casino entertainment at your event. Your guests purchase tickets that help cover the event costs. The entrance fee includes some ‘fun money’ for each guest which they can cash in at the tables for casino chips to get them started. We usually recommend $500.00 each. Once they have spent their free chips, they can then purchase more from one of your staff members for a donation. We will supply you with customised ‘fun money’ for this purpose.

Wild Diamonds Fun casino offers charities and fundraising events at discounted rates between January and October ( inclusive). Our minimum requirement for these rates is 3 tables and we ask that our businesses are considered major sponsors for advertising reasons. We also ask to be included by name in any of your promotional materials when advertising your event. If you dont wish to promote our business then our regular rates will apply.

Fundraising Ideas:

Some local businesses will sponsor charity evenings. They can do this by sponsoring a casino table (covering the cost). In return you can promote their company on the table or within the room with their signage, or include their names on the event tickets, fun money and / or other brochures etc. Don’t forget to include them in your thank you speech at the end of your event. We also ask to be included as a sponsor in promotions.

At the beginning of the evening, you can invite people to buy Roulette numbers from the Roulette wheel (similar to buying raffle tickets). When the croupier does the first spin of the evening, the player with the winning number receives a bonus amount of ‘Fun Money’

The croupiers will encourage players to rebuy when they lose the initial money they get on entry. You should have a set price for guests to buy another note with discount for multiples. Usually it should be 1/4 to 1/3 of ticket price.

Charity fundraiser event fun money

Charity fundraiser Funny Money

Event Holders information:

It is your responsibility to organise the sale of ‘fun money’. Wild Diamonds staff will not have any involvement in the handling of cash.  The gaming tables will only accept fun money.

Wild Diamonds will charge a set fee for the hire of the entertainment & will not make any monetary gains from the money raised on the night.

All monies raised after overheads have been met, must be donated to your nominated cause.

It is the organisers responsibility to ensure that prizes won at the event are not determined by fun money, chips, tokens etc.  An auction of donated goods can not use chips or fun money.  At any time during the event you can hold raffles or auctions for real money..

Do I need a licence to hold a fun casino?

Even though a licence is not required for a fun casino, there are some very strict rules that are stated by the Queensland Gaming Commission. Please dont ask us to break any of these rules as the penalties can be very high.

Please click on the link below which will take you to the Queensland Government website. You will find 3 pages of printable material in relation to Fun Casino events.

Make a donation.

We would like to introduce the option for our visitors to help those more needy.  We would like to offer a sort of crowdfunding arrangement. The money raised would go towards holding a Fund Raising Fun casino Night for a worthwhile charity.  Once an amount is raised which is enough to pay for several tables with venue hire and catering, we will approach some charities.  We want this to be honest and transparent, which is why crypto currencies are a good option.  Anyone can see donations for the account on the blockchain.  
Does this sound like jibberish?? if the answer is yes, you should have a read about bitcoin.

In the meantime if you have done well with bitcoin or Ethereum, please make a donation.  You will be helping either Team Adem or Sunnykids who will be our next beneficiaries. Donations will be converted to AUD value on the day of the donation.

Bitcoin: 1NoB4trh2jt8EzPpw1T4rs5YnrS2YaeWod

Ethereum: Coming soon please email us.

Litecoin: Coming soon please email us.

If you make a donation and have a preferred charity please send us an email we may decide to offer our services to them.

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