Sunshine Coast Casino proposal

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Sunshine Coast Casino in Maroochydore.

Every few years this debate fires up.  We get a dozen news stories and someone proposing a Sunshine Coast Casino, followed by a bunch of negative stories about how bad it would be for the region.

Well here we are again.  It is early 2018. The new Maroochydore CBD is taking shape, called Suncentral CBD.  This ultramodern precinct is supposed to feature many businesses, accommodation and attractions with one being a proposed entertainment centre and casino complex.

The first we heard about the new proposal was a news story on Nov 18 2017.   A delegation from Malaysia met with Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson to discuss a possible casino resort at Maroochydore.  Almost immediately, we had Andrew Wallace (member for Fisher) with a petition against a casino on the Sunshine Coast.

Mr Wallace has 5200 signatures against a Sunshine Coast Casino, but a petition is very one sided.  It did not give me the option to say that I wanted a casino. Obviously, I did not sign it.  Maybe there were 20,000 people that felt like me but could not voice their opinion.  I don’t think that 5200 signatures represents the community.

If Mr Wallace is concerned about people with a gambling problem, then why is it that most of his constituency is within a 5 minute drive to a pub or club with poker machines.  I can walk to 2 venues in 20 minutes or drive to 6 or more in 5-7 minutes (yes I live within his constituency).

Mr Wallace also states that it will lead to an increase in crime in the area.  In most cases, casino’s have police working within the establishment.  The Casino operator helps by providing surveillance when there is need.  A casino may actually help to clean up crime in the area.  I remember an instance when I worked in Melbourne Casino where the casino gaming staff and surveillance staff were instrumental in the capture of an Asian drug kingpin who had 5 million dollars of heroin in boot of his car outside on the street.

At least a casino would add a bit of class to the area.  Casino tables are an exciting form of entertainment with a much lower percentage profit than poker machines.  Gaming tables require staff and supervisors which means employment whereas a poker machine just sits there with 1 staff member to 30+ machines.

Sunshine Coast Casino

Casino Sunshine Coast

A Yes or No Poll.

I have set up a casino poll on another website called SunshineCoastCasinos.com.au. Follow this link to vote, a poll gives you the opportunity to vote yes or no to see if there is community support for a casino in the SunCentral CBD development.

It seems like  Mayor Mark Jamieson will be meeting with the public and some experts in the near future about this issue.

I believe that an area like the Sunshine Coast where we have minimal industry and rely on tourism, would benefit greatly from a casino complex.  (as long as Clive Palmer is not involved!!)

Lets hope it gets the Go ahead.

For disclosure purposes I would like to say that I have worked within the casino industry.  I have been part of the opening team for 3 major Australian casino’s.  My wife (and I) operate a business that offers casino themed entertainment to Sunshine Coast and Brisbane regions. Our business is called Wild Diamonds Fun Casino  (That’s most likely why you are on this website). We do support a casino operation on the Sunshine Coast (with minimal poker machines).
Ian Hazzard.

Bitcoin & Etherium payments

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Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium & other Cryptocoin payments

Bitcoin is here to stay!

At Wild Diamonds we are always exploring opportunities to move our company forward and give our clients more options.

Bitcoin and other Crypto currencies are becoming more accepted by the community. Wild Diamonds is looking at the option of accepting them as payment for our work.

We have accounts that accept Bitcoin, Etherium and Litecoin which are the 3 big currencies.  We will also introduce Dhealth by mid 2018.

If you own any of these cryptocurrencies you will be aware of the volatility of the value.  The price will be converted to AUD + 10% (to cover costs) and a value will be agreed on which will be valid for 12 hours and rise 5% every 12 hours after. We use Coinspot or coinmarketcap.com for Bitcoin AUD value. We are open to ideas, but the 5% rise is because the currencies can change that much and we would end up losing if payment was delayed.

If you are interested in these forms of payment, please call us to discuss.

bitcoin bit coin etherium litcoin dhealth

Bit coin and Cryptocurrency payments


We are also keen to help worthwhile charities.  If you have made a small fortune by getting into crypto currencies early we would we welcome donations to help fund a charity fund raising casino.  Please email for the wallet numbers which are different to our payment wallet numbers.  We do’nt want to display them as we know banks are blocking companies that promote crypo’s.

Wild Diamonds Photo Kiosk

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Wild Diamonds Photo Kiosk

Wild Diamonds Fun Casino is now pleased to be able to offer a “Photo kiosk” to our customers.

Only available in conjunction with casino table hire, our photo kiosk is very simple and very cheap, in fact about 1/4 of the usual costs from a photobooth company.

This is our answer to a “photo booth”, our stand alone, self operated unit uses the Fun Casino action as its background instead of having an enclosed area.  There is no need for an operator and we have also eliminated the printer and instead give digital copies to the function organiser.  We used to see so many of these picture strips discarded when we were cleaning up after events, which we though was a huge waste.

Anyone from any function enjoys having the chance to take some pictures with funny props and /or funny faces.  Our unit has been used at parties from 18th’s to 60th’s as well as corporate functions and charity nights. It offers an additional activity for those who may be wanting to take a short break from the casino games.

So if you are planning you casino party and want some fun memories of the night, please go to our Photo Kiosk page for more information.

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Take a break from the casino games and have your picture taken.

Book early for Christmas

Its only mid August, but already we are starting to book Christmas parties. In fact we have had a late November booking since January for one customer who didn’t want to miss out. We will book out from early November till late December as we do every year.
If you are thinking about having a Christmas gathering for staff or clients, don’t put it off any longer. Not only might you miss out on our fantastic entertainment, but also the venue of your choice may book out on your preferred day.
So don’t put it off any longer, call Lucy on 0488 88 wild (9453) or send us an email through our contact page.