Casino party time extension

A Brisbane Fun Casino party will typically be booked for a duration of 3 hours.  Dependant on staff availability, you may request to extend your Fun Casino party for an additional hour for 25% of the contract price. For longer times it may be best to pre-book so we can advise the croupiers in advance.  For a 5 hour casino or more, we may need to include a short break for the staff (10 minutes).

We have many events that are booked for 4 hours and sometimes for 5 hours.  Sometimes your guests are having such a good time that you want it to continue.  Just approach the Casino manager 1/2 hour before the set finish time to extend.  We have never been unable to accommodate an extension.

Every Brisbane Fun Casino event is individual and dependent on many factors, but you can be assured that if you want an extension of your casino party, we will do all in our power to help you out.

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Last Modified: August 17, 2017