Fun Casino licence requirements

Do I need a Casino licence to hold a fun casino?

No, Brisbane Wild Diamonds Fun Casino is an entertainment company. If the event is a fundraiser charity event, you may need to be a registered charity.  This may involve getting a permit (may vary depending on the charity). You must not make a personal gain from any funds raised, nor offer a prize of any value (we supply a trophy).  The sole reason for guest’s attending is entertainment.   Please email us to ask for a government fact sheet.

If you are hiring our fun casino for a wedding, corporate event or party then it is simply a case of booking and paying for the Casino Fun event hire.

A casino licence is not required since there is no real money at any of our Fun casino events. The owners of Wild Diamonds Fun Casino hold casino manager licence’s, we will not do anything to risk it.  We will never deal with real money….so please don’t ask us.


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Last Modified: August 16, 2017