Covid-19 Update as at August 2021

With the Covid 19 outbreak, we are operating under some very strict guidelines.

It is now late August 2021 and whilst Queensland is not in lockdown, we are at risk of Covid being brought over the border. We are taking bookings for the Christmas period and hope that restrictions will be lifted enough for us to operate safely.

Covid-19 Safe Casino

We operate within a “Covid safe” environment. Between events we disinfect all of our equipment. We offer hand sanitiser and regularly ask for clients to clean their hands. We also minimise chips from being removed from the tables. Our dealers wear masks when masks are required by law. A venue will have the Covid scan code and a private party will have a list of guests for tracking purposes. We are not offering our services for public events at the moment. Corporate, staff/work and private events are OK. Sometimes we will ask for chairs to help ensure spacing and ensure our business is operating within Queensland Government regulations.
The safety of our guests and our staff is paramount and we will not risk anyone’s health. Coronavirus and related viruses are passed by contact but also remain on surfaces.

***Please Note: If we feel that an event will put our staff or your guests at risk, we will ask you too delay or cancel.***

We put safety before money.

If we take a deposit for a function and it is not safe for us to operate or the government rules have not relaxed enough we will return your full deposit. Your safety is more important than your money.

If you are considering using our services in the late part of 2021 please contact us as we are still manning phones, taking bookings and answering questions.

Indications are that there will be a huge rush on our services when we are allowed to party again. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Please click here to view the official Queensland Government Covid 19 health alerts.

Maroochydore RSL (before Covid-19).