Fun Casino equipment set up and removal.

Brisbane Wild Diamonds Fun Casino staff will coordinate set up time with you and your venue.  All Fun Casino equipment and red carpet entrance (if booked) will be set up prior to the arrival of the guests.  This maximises the impact and gives the “wow factor” as guests arrive.  Occasionally, due to lack of room, the red carpet is set up in the middle of the tables.  It is removed at the start of game play to allow full movement around the tables.

Brisbane Fun casino staff will discreetly load out at the end of the casino event usually at an agreed time after the casino games have finished.

In many cases, the party continues around us.  We remove Fun Casino equipment near dance floors first and usually stack items out of the way.  If a client has a particular request to remove tables in a certain way, that’s what we do.


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Last Modified: August 17, 2017