Fun Casino cost

A Wild diamonds Fun Casino cost is based upon a number of factors.  Some factors that dictate the Fun Casino costs are:
the number and type of tables that you have at your event,
whether or not your event is longer than 3 hours,
add on’s such as red carpet entrance, photo kiosk etc,
whether or not your function is located within the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast area.

Please use our contact page to obtain a price indication, and when details are determined, Brisbane Wild Diamonds Fun Casino can provide you with a price quote. Our rates are very competitive, but entertaining your guests is priceless!

We have had customers come back to us in the past and say they have had a cheaper quote.  But sometimes cheaper is not better.  We pride ourselves on having the newest and highest quality casino equipment.  Some of our competitors will use toy equipment and trestle tables covered with a curtain. We have $20 million liability which is double any of our opposition just for one example of how we provide extra.

Please don’t accept any quote or the pressure sales (which we will never do) without contacting us.  If you get back to us we can justify why we may be a little dearer and then try to beat them.  You get what you pay for, just like in cars, would you rather have a luxury Mercedes or a cheap  old runaround (I wont mention a brand of crap car so’s not to offend), but the point is, they both get you from A-B but one is a lot more reliable and comfortable than the other. Wild diamonds offers the luxury you want your guests to remember you for.

There are several companies that work on a “top shelf” level like we do.  Unfortunately there are many who just get by with very poor equipment and service.

Cost cutting may end in disaster!

We had a Lady book a party with a competitor January 2013.  She very sheepishly rang us the afternoon before her event.  She asked if we could step in as the owner of the company she had booked with was in jail (bikie laws in Queensland).  Unfortunately for her we were fully booked that day.  We could only offer advice. Her party ended up not being a casino party and she was very disappointed.  The company mentioned was an interstate company under local management and have since changed their name in Queensland, probably because of this incident.

You will only get one chance to make you event a memorable.  Don’t gamble on success, make it a sure thing with Brisbane Wild Diamonds Fun Casino.



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Last Modified: August 17, 2017