Will Wild diamonds rent casino tables without staff.

No. we do not rent casino tables, we supply a casino experience which includes casino tables with dealers!

Below we will list several reasons why we do not rent casino tables.

The equipment is designed to be used by qualified croupiers with the correct dealing skills. If somebody who does not know what they are doing tries dealing on our casino tables they cannot maintain a smooth flowing game. Your guests will most likely become bored with the slowness and possibly agitated at the constant mistakes and lack of knowledge of how the real casino games are dealt.

The equipment we use, is not always easy to obtain, we cannot risk having it misused and damaged.  Even worse is if our equipment was to be misused causing injury. Our liability insurance would not cover this situation if we are not there. You may be liable for multi millions of dollars in damages if you rent casino tables.

Guests who see somebody dealing behind tables emblazoned with our logo, may think that they are our staff members. This will give the impression that we are unskilled.  This may have an impact on our reputation.

We do however allow our guest to have a deal under our supervision during our events.  Our dealers will deal and entertain at the same time to ensure it is a “Fun Casino”.  Our reputation is our #1 asset.

We are sorry to disappoint.   We can assure you that even though the cost is a little higher, you will have a much better time enjoying your party knowing that the tables are being run by real dealers with real dealing skills.

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Last Modified: August 16, 2017