How many casino tables is best for my event?

How many casino tables is best will depend on the type of function.  As a guide we would recommend 2 casino tables per 30 – 40 guests. This depends on whether there is additional entertainment occurring at the same time as the Fun Casino is operating and also the size of the venue.

Remember that depending on your group, not everyone may want to play at the same time. Some will possibly not play at all for the whole session thus making way for other waiting players. Others will play from start to finish.

If you have any doubts about casino table numbers we would be happy to discuss this and offer our advice.

Wild Diamonds Brisbane fun casino will never oversell tables.  We recommend that customers do not go too far under the suggested casino tables either. If you have 300 guests at a two table event, many will not get the opportunity to play.  This will have an adverse impact on your event.  Feedback will be negative and no one will want to come to your next event.

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Last Modified: August 16, 2017