Can we play with real money at a Fun Casino?

Real money?……..Strictly, NO. It is illegal to play with real money at any Fun Casino.  There are huge penalties for both the Fun casino operator and the venue, so please don’t ask as the answer will be no.

We supply real dealers, real equipment and a real casino experience, but no real money.

Wild Diamonds Fun Casino will supply ‘fun money” which is either generic or custom fun money if you have paid for a package.  This is the only currency accepted at our tables.  Please see below for some examples.

Wild Diamonds Fun Money

Wild Diamonds Fun Casino fun money. This is the back of all fun money we supply.

Wild Diamonds Fun money cocktail

Wild Diamonds customised Fun money for female

Wild Diamonds Fun Money surfer

Wild Diamonds Fun Casino Money surfer.

Wild Diamonds Fun Casino James Bond Fun Money

Brisbane Fun Casino James Bond Fun Money. We have many versions of James Bond money to choose from.

Fun money Homer Simpson

Brisbane Fun casino Fun money. Homer Simpson body for a fun Buck’s night or birthday party.

Wild Diamonds Fun Money for Corporate Events

Wild Diamonds Fun Money for Corporate Events. Your Logo on money of any colour for any event.


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Last Modified: August 16, 2017