Tipping Fun Casino Dealers

Unlike in a real Australian casino, Wild diamonds staff are allowed to take tips. You may tip the dealers if you wish, but It is not customary to tip in Australia.

Our Fun Casino dealers are all friendly and outgoing. They work to ensure that your guests have an enjoyable casino experience.  If you feel that a dealer has been extra ordinary in their service to you, you are welcome to reward them personally or as a group.  This can be anything from a monetary reward to a drink after the fun casino has finished.

We often receive reviews from our customers and their guests after an event.  Feedback will always be passed onto our Fun casino dealers and other staff received following an event.  We also encourage our clients to leave a review on Google plus, or our Facebook page (we  have just revived it as at March 2016) or to email us personally.

Weask that if you are happy with your event on completion, please recommend our business to your friends and co-workers.


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Last Modified: August 16, 2017