How long does a Fun Casino event last

Wild Diamonds Fun Casino and Brisbane Fun casino’s offer 3 hour events as standard.  4 hour casino events are quite common and are charged at a rate of 25% extra. In order to get maximum value, we suggest planning dinner, awards, presentations, and other activities to take place before or after the fun casino event.

Casino play usually ends 10-15 minutes before the designated ‘close’ time.  This allows time for players to cash in their chips and be awarded the trophy.

If you would like to extend your casino event during the night, please approach one of the casino manager at least 1/2 hour prior to close. All croupiers will then announce to their players that the time has been extended. We need to make the announcement to ensure no players go “all in” thinking the casino is near the end. They would then have no chips left to play the next hour.

Most of our croupiers are able to deal for an extra hour or two without prior arrangements. For a 5 hour or more event, croupiers may need a short 10 min break and or refreshments to keep going in an energetic and enthusiastic manner.

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Last Modified: August 17, 2017