Is a Wild diamonds Fun casino event breaking any laws?

No.  Our events are perfectly legal because we do not play for ‘real’ money.  We provide you with ‘fun money’ that you give to your guests.  They exchange that for an equivalent amount of chips that can be used at any table.  At the close of the fun casino, players turn in their chips and have bragging rights regarding their winnings. A trophy is awarded to the winning player. Fun casinos are run for entertainment purposes only.

We are paid a fixed fee for our services and your guests are attending a private function.

At a charity event or fundraiser, the organiser or representative of the charity may be required to get a permit from the govenment to gain permission to hold the event.  The events are held in strict accordance with the government regulations which we can provide on request.

Guests at a fund raising event can purchase more fun money in order to support the charity.  The Wild Diamonds Fun Casino staff do not handle the real money and it is never accepted over the table, only through a designated charity representative.

There are very large fines and penalties for us and the venue if any of the government regulations are breached.

We are happy to talk to you about your individual requirements and work out ways that ensure no laws are being broken.

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Last Modified: August 17, 2017