If my guests don’t know how to play, Will they still have fun at a casino party?

Yes, absolutely.  Our professional, friendly dealers are more than willing to teach the games to your guests.  It’s a great time for people to learn and practice because “it’s not real money!”  Our dealers are also there to entertain and help guests feel relaxed, especially if casino gaming is something new to them. 

Our games are slightly skewed in the favour of the player where we can so it is more likely that they will win.  That increases the enjoyment and excitement even more.  There have been instances where guests at our functions have enjoyed themselves so much, they have made plans to go straight to the real casino.  Unfortunately, Jupiters casino and Treasury Casino will not bend the rules like we do, but at least everyone will know the general games rules from playing with us.

You will notice we have a how to play page which will give instructions about the general casino play as well as each individual game that is currently available at a Wild Diamonds Fun Casino.

We encourage you to pass the link to this page onto your guests (if it is not a surprise party) so they can prep themselves for the night and familiarise themselves as best they can if they are casino “newbies”


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Last Modified: August 17, 2017