Does Wild Diamonds Fun Casino have minimum table requirements.

No.  At Christmas time we are very busy & have a minimum booking of 2 tables.  This is through November and December for Fridays & Saturdays. Other days and times of year can be one table.

We do make recommendations on the number of tables based on the number of guests.  It is probably not really worthwhile to have 1 table at an event with 100 guests for example.  It would be detrimental as many players would not get a chance to play and those that are would be very squashed up.

We will offer our advice to make your event as successful as possible, but at the end of the day “the customer is always right” which means we will work with you what ever you decide. 

Room size, budget constraints or other factors may limit your casino size. We will still ensure your event will be memorable for your guests no matter what.

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Last Modified: August 17, 2017