Why use Wild Diamonds fun casino for your event entertainment?

This is probably the most important question as you will only get one chance to get your function right.  It deserves a long and detailed answer.

Prior to setting up the Wild Diamonds fun casino business, we worked with some other Fun Casino companies as sub contractors.  It was sometimes quite embarrassing to be associated with their run down equipment.  Even worse, some of them were using small toy Roulette wheels and light plastic chips which you can buy in many cheap gift & toy shops. We took note of all the things that we felt were not totally professional with the other businesses. By seeing their mistakes, we were able to ensure the highest level of quality was applied in all aspects.

Our attention to detail is probably what sets us apart.  As the owners of Wild Diamonds Fun Casino, we are personally involved in every fun casino job. Where possible, we will be the dealers on the night and will be there to set up and pack up.  Some of the other fun casino businesses have a dealer run the job.  The owner doesn’t ever meet the client or do a site check to ensure the venue is suitable.

Wild Diamonds Fun Casino and Brisbane Fun casino has liability insurance of $20 million which is double our competitors.

The best equipment

We have spent a lot of money on equipment that is as close to a real casino as you will get without being in one.  With authentic heavy weight casino chips and real dealers, you will get the professional service that you expect.  Our tables have been custom made to our design and are the only tables in Australia of this type.  They are very attractive furniture pieces that will complement any function with any theme.  We have designed these tables also to be as easy as possible for the dealers to work with.
If the dealers can’t function properly they can’t run a smooth game.  We believe we are the only fun casino company that has the chip collection lip on our roulette’s, which makes a huge difference to a dealers ability to deal. We also have 9 player boxes on our Blackjacks to give more players a chance to participate.  As we write this, we have our local Sunshine Coast furniture maker designing more tables with further improvements.

If another company are covering their table legs with a curtain then they are probably just using a trestle table from Bunnings with a layout over it. That is something you could do yourself, why pay someone else.  It is also going to be very rocky when you have 10+ people leaning on it.  You get what you pay for, but sometimes saving a few dollars could ruin your whole event.  You will only be remembered for your last event regardless of how well previous ones went.

We have had complements from many dealers saying that we have the best equipment they have worked on, and many of our dealers have also worked for our competition. They will often ask us for work before accepting other jobs.

Our innovative attitude

Since we started our own business in early 2012, other companies have started to copy us and our systems.  We see that some other Fun Casino businesses have introduced flashing lights on the tables. This was one of our ideas that set us apart.  We have seen a few change their websites to show the owners and who they are instead of hiding behind a business.  Prices have dropped at the high end of our industry since we came in with competitive prices.  One company now states that, like us, the owner is now more involved with the customers.  (they lost a job to us after they said they weren’t going to be the dealers or be there).

Wild Diamonds Fun casino will now (July 2017) accept crypto currency payments.  We know we are the first to do this, but we are sure some others will follow.  Cryptocurrencies accepted are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dhealth.  If you don’t know what they are, you probably don’t care.  Our point is, that once again we are changing the way our industry operates by offering our customers more options.

We will always strive to be the best and will give you a Top Class Fun Casino Event, you can bet on that!!.



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Last Modified: August 16, 2017