Who enjoy’s a Fun casino?

In our experience, a Wild Diamonds Fun Casino is an evening which will leave your guests talking for a long time. It’s authentic and glamorous, and the fact that people are not gambling with real money is what makes it so enjoyable.

As this type of entertainment is interactive guests are able to get fully involved.  It’s a great ice breaker, especially if you have separate groups of people such as different departments.  We often work with large businesses, where staff have not met each other. Whilst at the gaming tables they will get to know each other as they celebrate their wins together.

We don’t hold events for children’s birthdays or events aimed at children.  We are happy to have them participate in the games as no real money is involved. This is obviously subject to parents (or guardians) approval.  Our minimum age for a birthday party is 16 but we recommend 21.

A Casino party It is very different to other types of entertainment, but can complement other forms of entertainment. A perfect example is a Great Gatsby night.  The night might have casino tables with a 1920’s theme and a jazz band playing to the side.

So for a spectacular event, that will not be forgotten, book a Wild Diamonds Fun casino.  Entertainment that is suitable for Birthdays, Corporate events, Staff functions, Awards nights, Christmas parties, Weddings / Anniversaries or any other gathering you can think of.

Some people will say that a casino night encourages gambling.  Exactly the opposite, we give new players the opportunity to learn how to play the games without risk.  Our staff will often help them to play in a way that increases their chances of winning.   We always explain that a real casino will take their money and they should not play unless they are aware of the odds.

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Last Modified: August 16, 2017