Will you come to my house? If so, does it cost extra?

A common question: Will you come to my house, or does the event have to take place at a public venue.

Yes, We will come to your house. Many of our functions are private parties at private residences. There is no extra charge as long as you live within the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast area.  Other areas by arrangement and subject to staff availability.

Wild Diamonds Brisbane fun Casino’s are fully mobile.  We have several vehicles and bring all equipment to your chosen venue and set it up.

We reserve the right to charge extra if a site check reveals that extra time is required for set up.  Examples of this are if several flights of stairs need to be negotiated whilst carrying the equipment, or if we can’t park our vehicle close to the venue.

These issues will be raised with you prior to the booking being made.  It is at our discretion and will only be applied in extreme cases. We allow a generous amount of time to set up the fun casino’s and pay our set up staff accordingly.  We are sure you will understand if circumstances cause this time to extend to the point where the staff need to be paid extra for set up and take down.

will you come to my house Big wheel, roulette & blackjack

Casino Games at a WIld Diamonds Fun Casino Event in a private residence.

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Last Modified: August 17, 2017